Winterfest 2015!

A new year means a new set of wonderful events here in the Camden area. Coming up in the next week, we’ll have Winterfest 2015! Winterfest is a collection of events for all ages. The kids get to watch movies, play games, and see sights in and around the Camden Public Library. The entire family will get to see the ice carving competition, ski and snowboard at the Camden Snow Bowl, and watch movies presented at the Camden Opera House. We love the excitement that builds up for Camden’s very own U.S. National Toboggan Championships. The Championships are a nationally publicized event that give Camden a big ol’ smile when the teams head down the chute in full costume. The day is filled with food, fun, laughter and good vibes. We trust you’ve found your way to the area, and we hope that you’ll enjoy a visit to the Blue Harbor House.

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