Talk about a storm! What was forecast as something equal to a good dose of snow inducing weather turned into something out of an action movie. Ferociously strong winds, heavy, moist snow, and cold temperatures gave this storm a serious power boost. Trees all around Camden, Rockport, Rockland and the rest of the Midcoast paid the ultimate price. Of course when the trees came down, they had to interact with the wires laid up and down the roadway. We’ve heard the maximum outages they calculated were up into the 80,000 mark. Central Maine Power had their hands full, and are sill trying to restore power across the region.

One thing we took into effect was preparedness. When road conditions are impassable, you need to have supplies on hand to eat, heat, and entertain you while the power is restored. Many of us rely on our different forms of communication, and if the batteries on these devices die, we’re left feeling stranded. Make a plan, gather what you need, and prepare for the future. A huge thank you to everyone that gave a helping hand in the Community at large.

Here’s a picture from our harbor, glistening with snow after a nighttime escapade of flurries. IMG_20141103_082436 (1)

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