A frigid Maine Maple Sunday!

Reports came in early this morning that mentioned how unbelievably cold it was in statewide forecasts. Temperatures that low and those interested in the Maine Maple’s first “official” offering were given the news that they probably could’ve lived without. The syrup might not be up to par for the “usual” yearly offering. Believe it or not, the crowds formed anyway! Some say that hundreds passed through their establishments asking questions, sampling what they could, and preparing for what is supposed to be a very good year for the maple community. That seems to be something you can count on here in the Midcoast, (or maybe in all of Maine!?) no matter the weather, the distance you have to travel, or any other conditions that are out of your control, we still show up (in varying numbers) to witness the small miracles that make this state the “Vacationland” it’s so been named. After all, it is “the way life should be!”

For a complete list of Maple vendors, and any other information you can imagine, check out the Maine Maple Producers website.

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